TeraCopy is a compact program that replaces the standard file transfer script. The first version was released in 2007. Use the link on this page to download the official version of TeraCopy for free.

The program is suitable for operating systems:

  • Windows;
  • Mac OS.

The TeraCopy utility has advanced features compared to the usual programs that are installed in the basic package of a personal computer or tablet. It works faster, helps extend functionality and makes basic applications more informative.

Features of the program

  • ability to pause copying;
  • adding files while copying;
  • file restoration;
  • faster copying speed.

How to download TeraCopy

Download the download file on this page. Install the program. Then start working with the program.


TeraCopy is an alternative to standard programs for moving and copying files. It has advanced functionality and high speed. When transferring information, the program provides a report on 2 indicators: the status of the overall transfer process and the status of each transferred object individually. Suitable for work that involves a lot of information that needs to be mailed or copied to other media.